July 23, 2016 Monthly Group Session Call
with Lisa Transcendence Brown
Replay Now Available 
On this in-depth 3 hour & 35 minute group session call, we discussed all things Energy, Awakening, Remembering, Ascension, Sacred Connections, Higher Selves, Channeling, Our Crystalline LightBody, Multi-Dimensional Mastery, NEW Earth Existence, Quantum Light Upgrades and more! We answered questions for all live during the call and for those listening to the replays too! Here's just a few of the topics that came up during this call:
  • Relationships and how they are changing to respect our new existence now
  • Children and how they see, understand and understanding their roles in waking parents/family up
  • Physical body changes as the body transforms int crystalline, upgrades and integrates light
  • Alone Time, Sleep, Pulling away, honoring what we need when we are tuning to a higher frequency of light
  • How we process using our Crystalline Structure liken to a computer and intelligent systems
  • Why where we come from is important and how to shift/recognize this
  • Helping people without lack, opening others up to consciousness and guiding without imposing or being imposed upon
  • Releasing & Reprogramming our own beliefs from limits to freeing ones
  • Transcending 3D Consciousness to maintain 5D+ Expanded Consciousness
  • Honoring vs. Judgment
  • And So Much More...
You can listen to (and download) the MP3 Replay for continued activation and access. All Light Encoded, we assist with everything higher consciousness existence!
"Working with Lisa has been an absolute JOY. I had a 4-personal coaching session package with her, have been through the New Earth Existence 13-week program and have had the pleasure of participating in numerous live group calls. I encourage anyone and everyone, especially the curious at heart, to open your minds and hearts to Lisa and the knowledge she shares. She does not tell you how to be, instead she gives insight as to why we are having such intense experiences on Earth. More importantly, how we can work through them with as little dis-ease as possible. If you participate in the GROUP CALLS, you get the bonus of hearing others share their experiences and how they are working through them. It is a tremendous sharing experience for anyone participating!

​I am currently reading through Lisa's books, I must admit they are slow for me because I keep having to upgrade during the process of reading them, so don't be discouraged if you just cannot seem to buzz through them. They are written so we shift in our consciousness, and that is a process in of itself. So just sit back and enJOY the journey! Much Love to Lisa and anyone reading this testimonial because we are all worth it. ♥"
Beautiful Heidi Lynn (Oregon)
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Copyright 2016. Lisa Transcendence Brown
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