Physical Ascension & Your Crystalline LightBody
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This is a 4 hour Live Course where we cover the process of evolving from Carbon-Based Unconscious humans to Crystalline LightBody Form. This is an intricate process and we simplify it. We answer the questions that do not typically make sense. Everything going on with your physical body and your physical reality world are one and the same. As all awaken their heart opens up and an alchemical process starts to occur inside, cells awaken, the body starts to release separation, compromise, discordant frequencies so that all can walk in a higher dimensional frequency as multi-dimensional beings here. The activation and integration of light means that an entire transformation process will occur. The body goes through a re-configuration process, a very physiological one. Every part of your body is affected, every system must be re-worked/re-vamped to hold the purity of light. There is a deconstruction and reconstruction phase, neural pathways open, the pineal gland activates, your consciousness expands from inside your body, temperature changes, skin changes, organs, bones, teeth, muscles, the spine, brain... everything. We provide understanding through sharing from actual experiences and higher consciousness awareness/ancient wisdom of what is occurring right now. If you are looking for answers, this is for you. You will be invited to ask questions and we will answer them during the call for all who attend and listen later via replay.

This course is beneficial to all working to Master one's own energy. It is meant to be "absorbed" & is set-up for you to go at your own pace!  This course is COMPLETELY GUIDED from a Soul's Perspective through actual experience and the development of actual tools that work!
Here's What We Will Discuss:
  • Overview of Human Physical Ascension, Higher Self Decent into the physical body (LightBody), Spirit(ual) Awakening (Kundalini & Life Force Energy), Deep Soul and Cellular Cleansings, Anchoring Multi-Dimensional Aspects in physical form
  • The Activation of the LightBody and The Crystals/Crystalline LightBody Structure & Crystal Skull Activations too
  • Our Evolution from Carbon-Based Density Humans to Organic Intelligent Crystalline LightBody Structures/Form 
  • The four primary "bodies": Mental/Physical/Emotional/Spirit (Energy) and the Unification/Purification Process
  • Solar Flares and Winds, Gamma Lasers & Particle Activations, Photonic Light, Star Particle Activations, Moon Activations, Ultra-Sonic Frequencies, Morse Code, Music of the Spheres... Becoming the Universe and a Galactic here
  • Activating, Understanding & Utilizing the Pineal Gland
  • Physical body: Heart, Spine, Bones, Teeth, Muscles, Skin, Brain, Skull, Organs, Glands, Eyes, Ears, Sexual Stimulation, Muscular Skeletal, Cellulose/Fat, Food, Blood & Urine
  • Energy Body: Kundalini, Chakra System, Frequencies of Higher Self Aspects, Infusing Higher Light for Expansion of Your Consciousness, Merging the High Frequency Energy Body with the physical one
  • Human Masculine & Feminine and Higher Self/Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and the Divine Child
  • Activating, Integrating, Transforming, Unifying, Transcendence and Embodying Your Higher Light Existence Here
  • Transcending the Duality of Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Dark/Light into Oneness and Full Consciousness here
  • Sleeping to Wake Up and Anchoring Photonic Light 
  • Enhanced senses through expanded consciousness activating your innate, natural abilities/gifts: Telepathy, Clair-audience, Clair-sentience, Clair-cognizance and more...
  • Becoming a Crystal Transmitter, Receiver & Re-Programmer and Ancient Record Keeper/Crystal Skull here
  • Accessing/clearing Akashic Records, The Halls of Amenti & Galactic Records too
  • Clearing Cellular Memory and Imprinting New
  • The Unified Field of Super Consciousness, Sacred Geometry and Diamond Light Code/Rainbow Frequencies too!
  • Molecular De-Construction and re-construction of all things physical (body & physical reality too)
  • Activating DNA, Adaptive DNA/RNA and Expanded Consciousness, Shapeshifting and Genetic Re-coding
  • Internal and External, As Above/So Below, Microcosm/Macrocosm
  • More...

Replay Available via MP3 Audio Download 

We pack so much into every thing that we share, this allows you to continue activating and absorbing this activation of ancient key-codes that you hold in your own consciousness anytime you desire! 
With This Online Audio Course, You Will Discover:
  • How nothing is as you "thought" it was
  • Higher Consciousness explanations and understandings of what all truly is
  • How to apply this knowledge to your own experience
  • How to utilize your knowledge to assist others ready for this
  • How sleeping, taking time-off, spending time in nature, pampering & nourishing yourself and playing are required in order to BE In-Service here
  • How to listen to your body and trust what you get/hear/receive
  • How to assist your own Crystalline LightBody Evolution & Upgrade Process
What Others Are Saying:
"Powerful, Inspiring & Transformative...."
" I Love Lisa's "no fluff" approach to Ascension Mastery. Her work continues to be an Amazing asset to Our Ascension Journey. Thank you from my heart, Lisa, for assisting me in reclaiming my power and walking as an Ascended Master again." ♥

Steve, Hawaii
"Walking The Talk..."
♥ I have noticed that the teachers and friends that I learn the most from (and enjoy!) are the ones that "walk the talk.“ Blessed to count Lisa Brown as both friend and teacher, I have learned so much from her through both relationships. She is an amazing role model for those on the spiritual path, a gifted healer and intuitive and her dedication and devotion to sharing the Power of Love makes my heart sing! I highly, highly recommend her services, of all types, to everyone, without reservation. In LOVE! 
Joy Ayscue, NC
The Conscious Healing Intiative
"What a Magical Blessing..."
I can't express in words the love that comes from Lisa. It shows in everything she does. My heart pours because of the light she shares. 
Kelly, Nevada

"Thank You..."
...from every cell in my body, your sharing has transformed my life!
Jenny Smith
"So Awesome"
It is so awesome and well worth every minute spent listening. 
Gina, VA
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Anything that raises your vibration frequency substantially will create the need for sleep. Please be in a relaxed space and allow for this should it occur for you! Drink plenty of clean water to assist with increased electromagnetic energy movement in your body (you may feel tingling and expand with photonic gas too). This is a good thing! You want this to occur. Integration occurs faster with plenty of sleep! We will explain this too!
Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc.
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