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Are you ready to embrace all that you are, all that you desire, all that you came here to be? Fully?
Then you are in the perfect place! This is a journey within, deep into your soul and beyond your human existence... Unlocking the forgotten and unknown... 
Awakening To Remembering  &  
Multi-Dimensional Mastery
Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc.
Awakening to Remembering: Self-Mastery and Activating Your Abundant You

As we awaken to open our heart fully, we also activate photonic light within our physical bodies to assist us with remembering again. This is a process of returning to higher consciousness existence where our true abundance is. We are excited to share this selection of activation tools with you. Welcome, and may you experience the purity of your own divinity as a way of being again.

Awakening To Remembering
A Light Encoded Simplified Explanation of the Awakening & Ascension Journey

This is an Activation Book written in frequency to awaken you to your multi-dimensional existence further and to dispel the old mentalities of Awakening & Ascension related experiences like memory loss, sleep, peace, struggle, soul darkness and more.
Group Session Replay
In this 4 hour group session, we discuss all things Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, Energy Mastery, Awakening, Ascension, Embodiment, NEW Earth, the 5th Dimension and beyond. This too is light encoded and sleep may be necessary to integrate light activated through energy transmissions. 
Free Live Group Session Call
We've opened this month's call up to everyone! This is a huge opportUNITY to join us for one of these amazing calls! Just register for access. This call is scheduled for Saturday, June 25th. Live participation is limited to as many as we can fit in! There will be a downloadable replay after. 
Quantum Light Activations
Two MP3 Downloads:
"Quantum Light Activations Prep" is recorded activation and integration instructions.
"I Activate My Abundance Frequency Within Me"  should be listened to in a relaxed or sleep state. It is 11 minutes of light encoded frequencies to go straight to cellular programming and also activates geometric codes & sequences in your energy field.
Free Newsletter Registration
Higher Consciousness by Email
A huge part of this journey is continued support through sharing knowledge to assist with navigating and understanding more through higher consciousness existence. These newsletters, announcements and energy updates provide high frequency transmissions to elevate you in a multitude of ways. Always offering more opportUNITIES to expand as LOVE! 
Two Videos to Assist with Expanding Perspectives & Shifting Intentionally
So What? Who Says? Who Cares?
From the "Walk  With Me: A Journey Within" Online Video Course
Shifting From Head To Heart
From the "Multi-Dimensional Mastery" Online Video Course
Tameka Serenity
"Her guidance has been life-changing. She has shown me how to see and understand on a level that I could not before!"
Calla Payne
"Working with Lisa has been life-altering in the most positive way that one could imagine!"
Are You Ready to Know More? WE have Something for Everyone!

Higher Consciousness Knowledge is our Key to de-coding the Secrets to the Forgotten, Unknown, Higher Realms, Other Dimensions, Beyond the Veils/Matrix, Full Consciousness. With this, everything is simple and easy. As an Ancient Key-Holder, I provide an abundance of empowerment tools to navigate easier and experience more of YOUR dream and fulfilling your own soul purposes, roles and missions here!  Click on the photo below...

2016 Lisa Transcendence Brown
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